Are you a child of the 80s & 90s ?

Where did collecting action figures begin? Why action figures? Aren’t they just toys you give kids to keep their mouths shut? Did I mention not to spend too much because clothes and books come first? So was the traditional parent back in the day and strong tradition it was.

Like any other child I grew up with cartoons, playing outside and the luxury of pets. A few birds, dogs, a fish and the local favourite -Morrocoys. Thanks to my deceased grand dad for the four morrocoys  I had. During his journeys across Trinidad ever so often one would find itself in sight until I had four. I can’t remember if I was a Classic TMNT fan first or the Morrocoy lover. The connection to turtles happened.


Ofcourse you can’t have pet turtles, love the cartoon series and not have some toys. So ever so often my parents would buy one or two too keep my mouth shut. They would, break, so parents bought another and another until you know what? “No more.” I was growing a little older and decided to just leave the last one I got in the pack since I may not get any more anyway and just play with the real turtles.

During this turtle fanaticism,  there also was The Transformers, Power Rangers and most important Classic 90s X-men. If I had to choose one piece of influence  in my childhood that still have me collecting now it would be the ending credits of the 90s X-men series. Sold,Sold, Sold.

Another plus for X-Men in particular was the fact that the figures where selling everywhere. The chinese stores on Charlotte Street P.O.S had baskets full, the malls and variety stores. They were everywhere.

I got them, broke them, lost them, until I decided its time to leave them. So joining the turtles in a big old box was a few X-Men. At this point I was a big kid and into big kid stuff, however I still ended up seeing a batman in a store or a spiderman in the pharmacy and said $20-$30 won’t hurt no one. So I bought it and threw it in the box.

I wasn’t actually collecting really. I just bought it because I wanted to know I have it. From the late 90s -early 2000s I began to notice less and less of any figures at all. Of course I was into many other things but its was just that little twitch in the back of my head saying ” the era is going bye bye.”

I wasn’t looking for anymore but then again I was. A period of 5 years past being unconcerned about “toys.” Until one Christmas season my mom hit a jackpot and said ” You remember you did like those turtles, well this chinese store on Charlotte Street threw out some old stock on the shelf and I bought these.”

She got 8 classic TMNT figures from the early 90s for less than $100 TT. MEGA SCORE! Acquiring these somewhat ignited the interest again, asking myself what has been going on with action figures ever since?

Do you remember what toys you grew up with as a child? Post a comment and share what toy/s made your childhood special.


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