Celebrities that Collect Action Figures. WOW

Collecting anything is a shared passion and brings diversities together. Some people may appear untouchable but behind the mask for society are normal people that enjoy the same things we all like. This post will highlight some celebrities that are passionate about action figures and either collector or contribute heavily to the interest that I am aware of. The idea of is to show that action figures and collecting aren’t just for kids and something to hide from peers but a hobby that even the people you look up to and follow also engage in.

Who knew that:

Those famous ladies that are passionate doll collectors



Leonardo Dicaprio collects Star Wars and He-Man Figures



Mike Tyson had classic X-Men Figures.

Todd Mcfarlane and his Toy Company  (the Spawn Guy)

Taboo from the Black Eye Peas is a Passionate Collector of WWE Figures


Japanorama- Bape  with Star Wars among others

Jermanie Dupri- Toys and more toys

Jordan Hembrough- Toy Dealer for years and built awareness through his popular series -Toy Hunter

WWE Superstar Zack Ryder’s Collection

01_zack_ryder-295 (1)

The list goes on and with the huge Marvel Movies lineup between now and years to come a huge burst of celebrity endorsement will in no doubt continue to poularies and expand the market for action figures across the globe. Feel free to comment with any celebrity collectors that you know. Stay tuned  for the next post where I will be highlighting the founder of the Action Figure Collectors group of Trinidad & Tobago were he will discuss collecting in Trinidad & Tobago.


I leave you with a feature on Jordan Hembrough discussing celebrities and collecting on the whole.

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