Talking Statues with………

In an effort to provide mixed content and not only segregate the blog to action figures, I dive deeper into the collecting ocean to uncover other collections along the same lines. This post features a man and his kingdom of statues. Statues are quite unique in their own way with their origin dating back to the stone age.


” The 9000-year-old figurines dug up in Turkey are thought to have been used as educational toys”

Many cultures and generations idolize gods and royalty in the form of statues and even today statutes continue to be the vessel in which many communicate with his/ her god. On another note statues are a form of art and it is this appreciate for art that most statute enthusiast acquire their passion.

Sharing his information with us today is Mr. Richard Graham. He is an avid collector of  heroic statues and will discuss the who, what ,where , when, why and how of his statue collection.

Take it away Richard.


Hello my name is Richard Graham (and no I am not that fella on the radio sorry folks) but I do love collecting figures as a hobby and I am really honoured to be chosen for this article. In all honesty though, I think that there are others who are more qualified than I am when it comes to speaking about statue collection. Collectors such as Everin Bhikarry, Arun Ballie or Jessica Cateau, come to mind at the moment. I am sure there are a lot of others out there.

Tell us about the statues currently being produced today in general.

There are a lot of manufacturers of specialty collectibles made from vinyl or PVC statues (by brands such as Bandai, Good Smile Co. and Kotobukiya) to cold cast porcelain figures and maquettes, (from Gentle Giant, Bowen Designs and Sideshow Collectibles).The manufacturers like Bandai, Good Smile Co. and Kotobukiya specialize more on anime figures. Although Kotobukiya have been branching out into more mainstream comic book characters from DC and Marvel. Whereas Sideshow Collectibles (especially) have been popular with their well-crafted high end figures. There are other brands that should be gathering attention such as Dragon Models, DC Collectibles, Banpresto, Enterbay, Gaming Head, Pop Culture Shock and XM Studios. Overall the most popular brands in my opinion are Sideshow Collectibles, because of its quality (it is also very expensive) and Kotobukiya because their figures are also of a good quality and are more affordable (to my pocket anyway).


Why do you collect statues?

​I started collecting comics originally I still do. Sometime ago I went to a comic book convention (I think it was Heroes Convention) at NAPA and saw a display from Darkside Cafe and instantly became intrigued with acquiring some of the statues. I even asked the people at the booth if they were selling their stuff. Not long after that I began shopping for them online. At first it was kind of confusing because I wanted to collect any and everything, until someone mentioned that I should streamline my collection. A few months later a friend of mine (Shaveed Mohammed-Ali) who knew I was interested in collecting the statues, put me on to the group, Action Figure Collectors of T&T. One of my biggest concerns as a collector was that would I be ostracized from society because of my hobby. I realise now I am slowly caring about that less every day (although it still irks me at times).

Statues vs Action Figures?

This is like asking who would win in a fight between superman & hulk. Collecting statues or action figures is a rather rewarding hobby for anyone interested.

To me its the fascination of seeing your favorite characters whether it be from anime,cartoons,comics, movies,video games or even sports. It can be a great financial investment as many figures value may go up in years to come. Now I don’t in anyway shape or form claim to be an expert  in this field (since I have only been collecting seriously recently) but to me the biggest deciding factor for any collector is your pocket.

With action figures they are more easily accessible, they are not as expensive and you can put them in any pose ( as the joints will allow) you like. The downside is because of this the quality of the sculpt is sacrificed (at times) and in most cases once out of the package the price drops.Unless you are in it purely for the love of collecting in which case it doesn’t matter. Whereas with statues and maquettes it’s a bit more expensive but the quality of the sculpt is better and the value of the item in most cases goes up (due to the limited quantity made). If I was trying to be politically safe I would say it all  depends on the collectors, or to each his own. But not being a politician, I would have to go with statues. Statues Rulez…

hk oip ri 2 ri a yu

Thank you Richard Graham for the time and interesting information.

Should I say why I think the last image is the biggest eyecatcher for me? lol. Artwork as superb as these need a place for display worthy of its quality which is why in the next post we will be looking at DIORAMAS. “Dioramas? WTF is that?” Stay tuned.


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