What the Hell is a DIORAMA?


In the last post on statues we highlighted the need for magnificent displays deserving the aesthetics of figures and statues today. The idea of display goes far beyond displaying action figures but across many other fields. Think about how products and displayed for advertising, the design and mechanics that goes into general packaging. The concept is to add value to the product and enhance its look effectively creating an actually experience when engaging the display.

Through this display concept we explore the collecting artform of Dioramas. Sharing information from a local perspective is NIcholas Augustus. He is a passionate collector and enthusiasts  about the Diorama artform. From his information a Diorama can be an excellent hobby project for children to adults. In its simplest form is art and craft but through attention to detail a simply art and craft project can become a scene from a movie.


We present Nichola Augustus.

I’ve been collecting for a long time now. Started off with Legos as a kid and continued into my adult years. There were periods where I would take breaks and then try something new but it was really in 2013 I got back into collecting in a major way. The whole idea was to buy a few figures to display with my comics but that never worked out because I got hooked on the Marvel Legends and Marvel Select toy lines.

Now as a full-fledged collector I’m always on the lookout for new figures and happily adding them to my ever growing collection. Unlike a lot of people I don’t keep my figures mint, instead I free them from their packaging to contribute to my other hobby which is figure photography and Articulated Comic Book Art (A. C. B. A). I love re-creating scenes straight out of the comics or letting my imagination run wild, in addition I build dioramas to enhance the look of my displays.

What is a Diorama?

A diorama is basically a scaled three dimensional environment. It could be a building, landscape or nature scene.

Why Dioramas?

I use dioramas to help bring a scene to life which is the essence of A.C.B.A. Sometimes a regular background won’t cut it to really convey the scene I am trying to create. Along with the dioramas I use various props to fill out the environment that way one dio can be seen differently depending on the props used.

How do you get a Diorama?

Buying them or building them. If you buy one it’s easier but you are limited to how it was made, but if you build it you are only limited by your imagination.

Ups and down of Dioramas.

Diorama building is very time consuming; I have at least 4 projects on hold at the moment. It also takes up a lot of space and for those with limited space that’s a problem. But it’s very rewarding and you will transform your toy display to toy art.

Diorama Tips

If you are getting into Dios start small, make it simple but effective.

Choose a scale and stick with it, you don’t want your figure to be too big or too small for the setting.

If space is an issue, make you Dios modular or stackable for easy storage.

Thank You Nicholas for sharing your information and artwork with everyone. After reading this I do recall as a child engaging in Art & Craft of this nature to which i can say now that they were in fact Dioramas. To bad they were all destroyed and I have no pictures to share so I leave you with some of the projects by Nicholas.

11063111_10155288642535582_42979053_n 11051118_10155288642880582_1558650100_n 11056774_10155288643260582_1301628765_n 11040083_10155288643730582_1373324615_n 11073445_10155288644060582_193549589_n 11072207_10155288644415582_1270637001_n 11072754_10155288645170582_731872284_n 10544454_10155288645675582_908525590_n 11056826_10155288645870582_1373359686_n

Look for or make props that can add too the scene, an empty room is boring.

Don’t be afraid of imperfections, these can add to the realism of your display, nothing is perfect.


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