Comic Fest Next Week! What can we expect?

I cannot pass up this opportunity to highlight the local events that are responsible for bringing everyone within this circle together. From comic collectors, anime fans, gaming freaks, yugioh enthusiast, buyers ,sellers and traders all flood the comic fest event to be part of a unique and exciting experience.

The events are held by various groups and themed according to the major attraction but the heart and soul of these events are the sharing of an experience with fellow enthusiasts across the country under one roof. Friendships are formed, networks grow, advertising prosper and old friends reunite. (Look out for your ex as well.)

So what can we expect from next week’s event?

I for one plan to spread my figurinett fan page so don’t be a stranger to take a picture or say hii.

The title itself suggest the major attraction to be comics however these events would not be successful without the many other integrations – japanese anime and gaming along with others. It’s an expo really so the more varied attractions the more diverse the crowd and I think we all want to grow the interest we love by sharing it across T&T.

I can recall such attractions last year such as  Cosplay, a huge selection of Comics, featured artist (Shaun Riaz),

gaming booths, Japanese Anime Merchandise and of course Action Figures & Statues (The Boss Marve Masters.)

Additional booths (tables) were springing up as not everyone arrived at start time so there were a lot more features than mentioned. I believe there was an after party also but didn’t stick around for it.


The content of this blog would not be balanced if only the joys of the day were highlighted. From hearing conversations  with peers as well as dialoguing with sellers on the last event some issues were raised. The smaller comic events titled “comic fest” had mixed opinions about what exactly was being sold. Some patrons referred to it as more of a back issue sale rather than actually having recent stock.

Another issue noted was the outweighed attraction for the anime and cosplay features which impacted on the interest in the comics.

Past events can recall huge turnouts for yugioh enthusiast however the endless issues of fighting and stealing eventually put an end to yugioh a major events. ( YUGIOH is hosted privately now)

With the hype building since the end of last year, Comic Fest next week is the first major attraction for the year and is expected to be a huge success but not without you. You need to be apart of next week’s event so visit for furthur information.

I leave you with some vintage articles to bring back some memories of past events that you may have been apart of and continue to make it what it is today. Note that while Anime City was not linked to Comic Fest ( different hosts) they brought/ bring to us the things that we love.

Figurinett would like to thank Mr. Shaun Riaz for his review on the post and permission to  spread it like wild fire. So get down to Comic Fest next week.



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