Figuretography? Wait What?

Figure + Photography = Figuretography. What would make this equation mind blowing is when “you” are added. I have really began to explore and appreciate the art of photography in relation to figurine collecting and slowly becoming obsessed with capturing a photo of a character in his/her most natural self.

It is art, everything involving collecting is a form of art because it requires resources, time, effort, creative thinking, networking with others and research. Much like any other hobby or career path if you love it you’ll do what it takes to be the best at it.

As such this post is dedicated to a series of action figure photography that was inspiring enough to drive me to produce photos of the same quality and of course better. Note there are 1000s more creative, mind blowing pieces scattered across the internet but these made pause for a second and hit download.

10403269_1045764558785689_3332560640525429805_n 10379937_765727826838365_1143564968025325032_o 11081233_10100555984679679_2917560156912248512_n 11044548_10153636275893098_8119071565987523883_o 10710551_10152706250835210_4668768684275871029_n a930116c2a1023e264c22195d68d850c 31c1bca9777285b3f0c3e0bde3d5258d f48158f5-8c4c-4e98-8ffe-18bfa07e543e DSCN2061 DSCN0751 10660250_10152690616546954_3773669836968278297_n 11141372_10153371144203974_9074345658411502496_n 11096484_10153360510508974_5850772679701633822_o 10931164_10153381321108974_1498531199149807859_n 19819_10152881640489422_6937058714822221537_n 11012760_10153299413521081_251268696251752315_n 535941_10202259632332587_4863076691519770426_n 10631241_1584508508499383_1243262456647749019_o spider_man_vs_juggernaut_by_0pt1c5-d70ol7s marvel_legends___spider_girl_and_black_cat_by_0pt1c5-d796mr5 x_men_unite___marvel_legends_collecction_by_surftiki-d4z15xn 10993952_10152814654023801_7153861340874810474_n (1) women of the ml universe 8223265021_9f7a3cb0f5_b 300171-emma-frost-hellfire-club-00610264653_10153218955111081_7217883569611370342_n

The photos are collected over a period from various sites and fan groups online and are used only for inspirational purposes.

I gave thanks to all the persons that happen to see their photo featured.

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