Figurinett and Creative Workshop team up against Ultron ( Collaboration)

With audiences the world over geared up for Marvel’s Age of Ultron, what better way to capitalize on the hype than with a little teaser of our own. Figurientt in collaboration with Creative Workshop have been working on a small project of our own for a good few weeks now.

In a previous blog I highlighted the many creative aspects that can be applied to action figure collecting and dedicated a post to the photography aspect aka Figuretography. In this post I showcase a fan project where we combine action figures to graphic design. My career is also in graphic design so this project was more than inevitable.

What better way to grab some attention than with a fan poster for Age of Ultron featuring action Figures instead of Actors. I will not deny the many challenges faced so sit back, relax and enjoy our collaborative efforts as we bring to you the Marvel Legends “Avengers Age of Ultron Fan Project”

Our References:


Our Resources:


There is a traditional collectors dilemma where for some unworldly reason collectors find themselves collecting a range of figures they love but could never actually complete a set/team. For Figurinett this is 100% true as I have some Avengers but not all that I need to complete the Avengers Team. As a result we had to substitute with some google images for everyone else except my Captain America.

Both the reference concept and stock photos were provided by me leaving the Creative Workshop to simply do what he does which was to create.

Progression Stages:


With time against us and other earthly battles to fight, Creative Workshop finished off with a strong foundation to which I saw the great potential and wanted to lend my skills.

Working piece by piece with continuous back and forth a designer has to also know when its time to stop. It was a most enjoyable experience to create and see an idea come to life.

Behold the Avengers AGE OF ULTRON Marvel Legends Style.



Figurinett thanks Creative Workshop for his enthusiasm toward the project.

As mentioned before this is a “Fan Project” and not designed to advertise nor critique the skills and approach. Art is subjective, some will love some will hate, some will motivate you will others will bring you down.

We are Action Figure Collectors and we love what we do.

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