Action Figure Illustrated with Pencil to Paper ( Collaboration)


I have shared numerous fun and exciting activities anyone who has an action can engage in rather than just looking at it on a shelf. From photography and dioramas to ACBA, action figure collecting can truly bring out the creative side which is why this post aims to showcase drawing has yet another plus to the creative pool.

Figurinett has collaborated with fellow class blogger and artist Jay D III of Pencil to Paper. Pencil to Paper is a blog that features the young talents of an artist who loves to draw which where I take the opportunity to link Action Figures to illustration thus achieving “Action Figure Illustrated.”

With the hype surrounding the Avengers Age of Ultron Movie, what better choices to choose for this project than Captain America and Black Widow. ( The only members of avengers I got so far lol.) Pencil to Paper takes the references photos courtesy myself and creates a final comic drawing of these two Avenger’s Icons.

DSCN2313 DSCN2317 DSCN2322

So lets sit back, relax and see the unique ability of Pencil to Paper.






It all begins with a simple Pencil to Paper. Thank You for the awesome work

If you would like to know more about Pencil to Paper and work he does visit

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