The A.C.B.A Rant. Poor Criticism ethic.

Disclaimer: The following content and imagery is of the sole property and opinion of Figurine TT. All photography used aim to provide an example and is not associated with A.C.B.A in anyway.

You can’t please everyone!

You don’t need to either.

A.C.B.A stands for Articulated Comic Book Art which is a community geared towards producing the highest quality composition of realistic scenes using Action Figures, posing techniques, lighting and dioramas via natural photography.


While the community aims to showcase quality work and aid one another in producing/ capturing the best possible scenes, their critiquing ability lacks greatly. This post aims to highlight the continuous flaws persons identify in a photo and the lack of quality critiquing to help that fellow artist produce better work.

Let’s start by saying if you have no knowledge of proper photography techniques DO NOT post anything there. Many groups exist for posting shots for fun. A.C.B.A is about quality and perfection. The strange thing is that this is ART as the name suggest and art on the whole is subjective, creative and expressive it can never be perfect, people will like, love, dislike and hate.

There are 1 million ways to take a photo of a scene and that 1 way you choose might be excellent for you but the worst for everyone else. Another shot might be great for 10 people but bad for 100 people and so it goes.


What I have noticed from the many comments on work posted is that person who dislike a shot add no solid value to their opinion. These persons state simply what they don’t like and that’s it. They don’t add any supporting information about why they disagree with certain things nor how exactly it can be improved. On the other hand if they do mange to provide that information it is simply opinionated. What about the other people who disagree and have their own personal taste about what should have been done? Can you really produce a quality A.C.B.A to appease the huge appetite of Tom, Dick and Harry?

It is obvious that with the right equipment eg: camera, lens, lights, backdrop, dioramas you achieve better results. So simply working with you have or can only afford at the moment has little value or consideration.


Who are these people who devalue a persons effort without any standards of their own? Numerous times I have noted comments such as “I hate it” “posing off” ” bad lighting” “add this, add that” and that’s it. These extremely broad opinions would leave anyone in a state of confusion and at a loss.

Are these persons qualified to even critique work that they deem not to be of standard? Do they possess knowledge and experience in photography? Do they have/ produce solid work that are supported by the mass? If not then why listen to anything these people have to say? I’m talking specifically about anyone who has something negative to say.

Note the official rule on Critiquing from A.C.B.A

5) Criticism

“5) Criticism: Not everybody is going to like everything, nor everybody. If you dislike a pic, that’s fine. But if you post that you dislike it you need to include legitimate criticism in a respectful and articulate manner and not just resort to making snide remarks. It is also important to mention the positive aspects along with the negatives. Build the community through encouragement, not coddling nor belittling. If your pic gets criticism, take it to heart and consider the insights of others. Ask yourself if their insight might be right and how you can use it before posting your next pic.Try to keep your photos clear, cropped and contained. Remember, NO ONE is above critique/criticism. Open and honest feedback is the nature of this group.”

Your assignment.

It is sad to see a group dedicated to quality and standards disregard their own critiquing policies and allow biased, emotional and disrespectful comments of no value to take place on a daily basis.I have observed, trolls, personal grudges and cyber bullies on the group that purposely aim to belittle and undermine the progress of persons trying to achieve a quality A.C.B.A shot. Comments become emotional, personal, sarcastic, exaggerative and blatantly insulting very fast.

Again these persons aiming to critique do not present logical solid information to help the photographer produce a better shot and that is the main issue here. I think it’s primarily because they themselves don’t know how to support their opinion or achieve some kind of orgasm in bashing others without logic.

Reference  “5) Criticism” stated above.

In closing I would like to suggest  that one should be very cautious when attempting to post in a group like A.C.B.A. Be prepared to take rejection of your work without any solid explanation or help on how to improve. I acknowledge that person will disagree and agree with what is said but everything is an opinion. Should you not believe me take 5 minutes and scroll the A.C.B.A group yourself on Facebook bearing in mind what is said here and see for your self.



I consider  all Action Figure photography a piece of work produced by that individual their own self-expression and art for their fulfillment, pleasure and cannot associate it with this A.C.B.A  especially with persons that shallow and lack of quality critiquing knowledge backing it. If you post on this group you accept their terms and conditions has unbalanced as it maybe. Youtube photography tricks and tips instead of wasting energy trying to satisfy the hunger of a bunch of Galactus.





5 thoughts on “The A.C.B.A Rant. Poor Criticism ethic.

  1. The article is receiving alot of attention both positive and negative as expected. The most intresting observation is the feedback from the A.B.C.A community clouded by emotion and failing to assess the content with openmindedness and understanding which acknolwedges the topic of “POOR CRITICISM ETHIC.”


  2. Hi there. I literally smoke to the “owner” about this issue and how i did not agree with the way the yreated aspiring artist on there. Long story short. This article is a 100% statement and i branched off to create digital dexterity depictions on instagram for the artist with no expectations but their own to showcase what they want. @themarvelimperative . I really appreciate this article.


  3. They do not respond to any criticism of the group well, at all. I’ve seen ACBA members go to other websites to pick fights with people for criticizing either the general attitude of the group or the homogeneous nature of most of the member’s shots. It usually works out the same.

    Insults, challenges, more insults, then usually they play the victim.

    They know that people often don’t offer constructive criticism there. They know that that happens all the time. You still said something negative about the group so they will circle the wagons.

    Some of them tie too much of their identity to the group and it breeds fragility for criticism.

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  4. Some readers are becoming too emotional and mistaking the points made. This is an opinioned rant article, no where is anything said associated with a fact ( beleive it or not is your own opinion.) The article i’snt about taking critisim but the manner, quailty and logic this A. C.B.A community approaches an indivadual when attemping to “critiique” their shot. Comments like “” “hahahha” ” I hate it” ” this is lazy” “shit” “posing off” “bad lighting” “more light” “too bright” etc. That’s what you call “legitimate criticism” ? Those 1 word and 2 word derogatory and generic remarks?
    Imagine a community is almost at war because of 1 opinionated article that finally decided to speak out and i’snt afraid to. It is becoming quite clear who actually gives and can’t take. It is sad to see a community slowly building a reputation of FEAR especially to new memebers wanting to join.


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