Comic Fest Next Week! What can we expect?

I cannot pass up this opportunity to highlight the local events that are responsible for bringing everyone within this circle together. From comic collectors, anime fans, gaming freaks, yugioh enthusiast, buyers ,sellers and traders all flood the comic fest event to be part of a unique and exciting experience.

The events are held by various groups and themed according to the major attraction but the heart and soul of these events are the sharing of an experience with fellow enthusiasts across the country under one roof. Friendships are formed, networks grow, advertising prosper and old friends reunite. (Look out for your ex as well.)

So what can we expect from next week’s event?

I for one plan to spread my figurinett fan page so don’t be a stranger to take a picture or say hii.

The title itself suggest the major attraction to be comics however these events would not be successful without the many other integrations – japanese anime and gaming along with others. It’s an expo really so the more varied attractions the more diverse the crowd and I think we all want to grow the interest we love by sharing it across T&T.

I can recall such attractions last year such as  Cosplay, a huge selection of Comics, featured artist (Shaun Riaz),

gaming booths, Japanese Anime Merchandise and of course Action Figures & Statues (The Boss Marve Masters.)

Additional booths (tables) were springing up as not everyone arrived at start time so there were a lot more features than mentioned. I believe there was an after party also but didn’t stick around for it.


The content of this blog would not be balanced if only the joys of the day were highlighted. From hearing conversations  with peers as well as dialoguing with sellers on the last event some issues were raised. The smaller comic events titled “comic fest” had mixed opinions about what exactly was being sold. Some patrons referred to it as more of a back issue sale rather than actually having recent stock.

Another issue noted was the outweighed attraction for the anime and cosplay features which impacted on the interest in the comics.

Past events can recall huge turnouts for yugioh enthusiast however the endless issues of fighting and stealing eventually put an end to yugioh a major events. ( YUGIOH is hosted privately now)

With the hype building since the end of last year, Comic Fest next week is the first major attraction for the year and is expected to be a huge success but not without you. You need to be apart of next week’s event so visit for furthur information.

I leave you with some vintage articles to bring back some memories of past events that you may have been apart of and continue to make it what it is today. Note that while Anime City was not linked to Comic Fest ( different hosts) they brought/ bring to us the things that we love.

Figurinett would like to thank Mr. Shaun Riaz for his review on the post and permission to  spread it like wild fire. So get down to Comic Fest next week.



What the Hell is a DIORAMA?


In the last post on statues we highlighted the need for magnificent displays deserving the aesthetics of figures and statues today. The idea of display goes far beyond displaying action figures but across many other fields. Think about how products and displayed for advertising, the design and mechanics that goes into general packaging. The concept is to add value to the product and enhance its look effectively creating an actually experience when engaging the display.

Through this display concept we explore the collecting artform of Dioramas. Sharing information from a local perspective is NIcholas Augustus. He is a passionate collector and enthusiasts  about the Diorama artform. From his information a Diorama can be an excellent hobby project for children to adults. In its simplest form is art and craft but through attention to detail a simply art and craft project can become a scene from a movie.


We present Nichola Augustus.

I’ve been collecting for a long time now. Started off with Legos as a kid and continued into my adult years. There were periods where I would take breaks and then try something new but it was really in 2013 I got back into collecting in a major way. The whole idea was to buy a few figures to display with my comics but that never worked out because I got hooked on the Marvel Legends and Marvel Select toy lines.

Now as a full-fledged collector I’m always on the lookout for new figures and happily adding them to my ever growing collection. Unlike a lot of people I don’t keep my figures mint, instead I free them from their packaging to contribute to my other hobby which is figure photography and Articulated Comic Book Art (A. C. B. A). I love re-creating scenes straight out of the comics or letting my imagination run wild, in addition I build dioramas to enhance the look of my displays.

What is a Diorama?

A diorama is basically a scaled three dimensional environment. It could be a building, landscape or nature scene.

Why Dioramas?

I use dioramas to help bring a scene to life which is the essence of A.C.B.A. Sometimes a regular background won’t cut it to really convey the scene I am trying to create. Along with the dioramas I use various props to fill out the environment that way one dio can be seen differently depending on the props used.

How do you get a Diorama?

Buying them or building them. If you buy one it’s easier but you are limited to how it was made, but if you build it you are only limited by your imagination.

Ups and down of Dioramas.

Diorama building is very time consuming; I have at least 4 projects on hold at the moment. It also takes up a lot of space and for those with limited space that’s a problem. But it’s very rewarding and you will transform your toy display to toy art.

Diorama Tips

If you are getting into Dios start small, make it simple but effective.

Choose a scale and stick with it, you don’t want your figure to be too big or too small for the setting.

If space is an issue, make you Dios modular or stackable for easy storage.

Thank You Nicholas for sharing your information and artwork with everyone. After reading this I do recall as a child engaging in Art & Craft of this nature to which i can say now that they were in fact Dioramas. To bad they were all destroyed and I have no pictures to share so I leave you with some of the projects by Nicholas.

11063111_10155288642535582_42979053_n 11051118_10155288642880582_1558650100_n 11056774_10155288643260582_1301628765_n 11040083_10155288643730582_1373324615_n 11073445_10155288644060582_193549589_n 11072207_10155288644415582_1270637001_n 11072754_10155288645170582_731872284_n 10544454_10155288645675582_908525590_n 11056826_10155288645870582_1373359686_n

Look for or make props that can add too the scene, an empty room is boring.

Don’t be afraid of imperfections, these can add to the realism of your display, nothing is perfect.

Talking Statues with………

In an effort to provide mixed content and not only segregate the blog to action figures, I dive deeper into the collecting ocean to uncover other collections along the same lines. This post features a man and his kingdom of statues. Statues are quite unique in their own way with their origin dating back to the stone age.


” The 9000-year-old figurines dug up in Turkey are thought to have been used as educational toys”

Many cultures and generations idolize gods and royalty in the form of statues and even today statutes continue to be the vessel in which many communicate with his/ her god. On another note statues are a form of art and it is this appreciate for art that most statute enthusiast acquire their passion.

Sharing his information with us today is Mr. Richard Graham. He is an avid collector of  heroic statues and will discuss the who, what ,where , when, why and how of his statue collection.

Take it away Richard.


Hello my name is Richard Graham (and no I am not that fella on the radio sorry folks) but I do love collecting figures as a hobby and I am really honoured to be chosen for this article. In all honesty though, I think that there are others who are more qualified than I am when it comes to speaking about statue collection. Collectors such as Everin Bhikarry, Arun Ballie or Jessica Cateau, come to mind at the moment. I am sure there are a lot of others out there.

Tell us about the statues currently being produced today in general.

There are a lot of manufacturers of specialty collectibles made from vinyl or PVC statues (by brands such as Bandai, Good Smile Co. and Kotobukiya) to cold cast porcelain figures and maquettes, (from Gentle Giant, Bowen Designs and Sideshow Collectibles).The manufacturers like Bandai, Good Smile Co. and Kotobukiya specialize more on anime figures. Although Kotobukiya have been branching out into more mainstream comic book characters from DC and Marvel. Whereas Sideshow Collectibles (especially) have been popular with their well-crafted high end figures. There are other brands that should be gathering attention such as Dragon Models, DC Collectibles, Banpresto, Enterbay, Gaming Head, Pop Culture Shock and XM Studios. Overall the most popular brands in my opinion are Sideshow Collectibles, because of its quality (it is also very expensive) and Kotobukiya because their figures are also of a good quality and are more affordable (to my pocket anyway).


Why do you collect statues?

​I started collecting comics originally I still do. Sometime ago I went to a comic book convention (I think it was Heroes Convention) at NAPA and saw a display from Darkside Cafe and instantly became intrigued with acquiring some of the statues. I even asked the people at the booth if they were selling their stuff. Not long after that I began shopping for them online. At first it was kind of confusing because I wanted to collect any and everything, until someone mentioned that I should streamline my collection. A few months later a friend of mine (Shaveed Mohammed-Ali) who knew I was interested in collecting the statues, put me on to the group, Action Figure Collectors of T&T. One of my biggest concerns as a collector was that would I be ostracized from society because of my hobby. I realise now I am slowly caring about that less every day (although it still irks me at times).

Statues vs Action Figures?

This is like asking who would win in a fight between superman & hulk. Collecting statues or action figures is a rather rewarding hobby for anyone interested.

To me its the fascination of seeing your favorite characters whether it be from anime,cartoons,comics, movies,video games or even sports. It can be a great financial investment as many figures value may go up in years to come. Now I don’t in anyway shape or form claim to be an expert  in this field (since I have only been collecting seriously recently) but to me the biggest deciding factor for any collector is your pocket.

With action figures they are more easily accessible, they are not as expensive and you can put them in any pose ( as the joints will allow) you like. The downside is because of this the quality of the sculpt is sacrificed (at times) and in most cases once out of the package the price drops.Unless you are in it purely for the love of collecting in which case it doesn’t matter. Whereas with statues and maquettes it’s a bit more expensive but the quality of the sculpt is better and the value of the item in most cases goes up (due to the limited quantity made). If I was trying to be politically safe I would say it all  depends on the collectors, or to each his own. But not being a politician, I would have to go with statues. Statues Rulez…

hk oip ri 2 ri a yu

Thank you Richard Graham for the time and interesting information.

Should I say why I think the last image is the biggest eyecatcher for me? lol. Artwork as superb as these need a place for display worthy of its quality which is why in the next post we will be looking at DIORAMAS. “Dioramas? WTF is that?” Stay tuned.

Shartimus TOP 10 of 2014

Many time a person finds themselves bombarded with so many different options to choose from. For a collector we often find ourselves looking at  reviews and read articles about the many figures, statues, models, robots etc to help us choose the right one for us. FOr me personally I find myself all the time looking at reviews before I buy a figure and many time I actually don’t know what I really want. ( I’d love to get all and just finish) lol

As a result I have chosen to feature Shartimus Prime 2014 top 10 figures which show cases a variety of figure lines as well reasonable review information for why they chosen. Shartimus himself is a legitimate reviewer in the foreign collecting and a number 1 guy to go to for reviews


So without further adieu:

Collecting isn’t just for guys. Meet the lovely, talented ….

On this journey of discovering not only Action Figure collecting in T&T but collecting on the whole, I take this opportunity to introduce one of the lovely women who is very passionate and excited to share her hobby of collecting with the world.


TMNT Photographer not Reporter. 

Mrs. Reisha Navya is one of the young ladies and part of the action figure collecting family in Trinidad & Tobago. Reisha is not only passionate about her Lego and TMNT figures to name a few but the unique thing about Reisha is her creative drive to bring the activity of Toy Photography to life in Trinidad & Tobago. A camera is a collectors best friend for it is through photography that the world can appreciate what you have the same way you do.

All collectors take photos of their collection but when collecting, photography and creative drive come together we get Mrs. Reisha Navya.

Interview with Mrs. Navya

My name is Reisha. Doctor by profession, child at heart. I’m 28 years old, married and a Medical Doctor at the Department of Anesthetics & ICU, SFGH. My hobbies and Interest are photography, guitar, art.

1) How did you become involved in collecting?

I’ve always enjoyed action figures growing up. As a child, I was obsessed with Ninja Turtles..Had all the T-Shirts, action figures, name it! About two years ago I got my DSLR camera and was itching for some practise..thats when I happened across Lego mini-figurines. I started off with a Harry Potter mini figure and somehow, the collection just kept growing- now I’m up to about 70 mini figures. I resumed my action figure collection thanks to friends and my husband. Birthdays and anniversaries were perfect opportunities for getting toys!

2) What exactly do you collect or what aspects of the hobbies interest you the most?

I collect mostly Lego mini figurines, Ninja Turtles and am starting to collect the Mcfarlane Walking Dead figures. I love the detail put into those figures! My interest in collecting also lies in photography. I stumbled across toy photography on instagram and have been in love with it since. The ability to create scenes/ fights/ encounters that normally wouldn’t happen really amuses me (though it probably irritates others lol. Example the “Untold battles of Wolverine”- Wolverine versus Ninja Turtles hehe).

3) What motivates you to maintain this hobby?

The ability to keep creating drives me. I keep looking out for new detailed figures that I can use in my photography to entertain both myself and others.

 4) From a woman’s perspective how do you think girls/ woman view the hobby in Trinidad and Tobago.

Honestly maybe my perspective is a bit skewed but I don’t think there is a difference per se in men and women collecting in Trinidad. Think collecting on a whole has a stereotype that’s quickly being broken. Action figure details have grown in leaps and bounds and now attracts a wide range of people- men and women alike.

5) It is an age old perception, some might even say it’s true that the hobby of toy/ figure collecting  is somewhat of a deterrence to girls and women in the interest of men that do. Your opinion on this.

My opinion is that if you seriously meet someone and are interested in them, their hobby shouldn’t deter you. Nothing is more boring than a man without a hobby. Have you ever met someone with no interests in life? I have. BORING. Toy/ figure collecting often comes with a rich history. Here’s someone who is interested in a backstory. Someone who has an imagination and isn’t afraid to believe in heroes. As a teenager going to school in SAGHS, I had friends who loved Xmen. I remember reading the back of the Fleer 94 series and learning all the backstories and reveling in all the connections and how the stories interlocked.

I can’t understand why a woman would be prejudiced against a man who collects toys/figures but is happy to date a man who drinks himself drunk and fetes every weekend. Those are the real boys. Men who collect can be loving boyfriends/husbands and eventually fathers. What you do as a hobby shouldn’t and will not deter a wise woman.

6) What are some, if any negative labels /misconceptions you have encountered from others about your involvement in the hobby?

I think I’m fairly lucky to have started collecting over the last couple years. Maybe I’m imagining but with the advent of shows like “The big bang theory” and the various Marvel and DC movies, people’s views of collecting and being a “nerd” has shifted. Now it’s actually considered cool to collect and be into comic books. At first my friends and family found it amusing that I was 28 years old, married and collect action they’ve come to accept it lol. They even buy me figures for my collection! I really consider myself as lucky!

7) How did you discover the Collectors Group created by Marvel Masters?

Actually happened by chance..when I moved into my new house, needed to get cable installed. The cable guy- aka Nicholas Augustus- actually saw my TMNT collection on display on my kitchen counter and suggested to my husband he join (since he assumed was my husband’s collection hehe). Husband happily put me onto the group and 2 years, here I am!

8) What are some of your goals and aspirations  for the hobby both for yourself and the local community?

I would love for there to be a huge local convention where we can all meet up and trade/buy new and used figures. Maybe one day, to actually have a comic book/action figure store! Would be awesome!

9) Your advice to the guys whose love interest/s somewhat disapproves of their hobby.

Its rare for  two people to have a shared interest in hobbies. I read comics, my husband loves cricket. What’s necessary is understanding between the two of you. The important question is why he/she  disapproves of the hobby. Spending too much time behind a hobby and not them, spending too much money behind a hobby (if you cant afford to) could be an I guess it really depends on the circumstances. Long and short is that not everyone will fully understand what you do but when you find the right person, they’ll support you and even if they don’t understand it, they’ll leave you to your own devices doing what makes you happy!

10) What advice would you give collectors/ persons interested in starting the hobby in Trinidad and Tobago?

Like anything in life, just do what makes you happy. I won’t consider myself a big collector but i really go after figures I find well detailed and characters I love. Prices also plays a role for me. Unfortunately I haven’t won the lottery yet so have to balance between living and photography and day-to-day expenses!

11) In what ways do see the hobby growing in Trinidad and Tobago?

Its wonderful seeing the various comic book conventions and seeing everyone out and about in their numbers. I really love the vibe within the group and the acceptance towards all collectors- young, old, new and experienced. Looking forward to seeing that action figure store!

Your closing comments: Anything you would like to let the readers know about.

There’s no shame in action figure collecting. Be who you are, do what you want. You have one life to live and as long as you aren’t hurting anyone doing it, go brave… and that goes for everything in life. There’s a certain beauty in action figures- an element of keeping that child in you alive. Heroes and villains show us the best and worse in human nature and give us something to believe in. Keep believing.

Figurine TT would like to thank Mrs Reisha for her interest in sharing what she love and information to our fellow collectors and all our interested readers. If you like collecting your going to love taking photos of it so try it, you’ll like it. Photography may just be the next interest on your list. In closing I leave you with a shot of Reisha’s photos all of which and more can be seen on her facebook page.



On the next post Figurine TT will dive deeper into the artistic aspect of Action Figure Collecting to really show that collecting isn’t  just fulfillment by acquisition but a lot more. Illustration, sculpture, 3d modeling and graphic design are all applied professionally and can be applied as part of the hobby to really bring to life a collectors experience. Who said collecting was boring? Stay tuned.Remember to follow and share a comment for other readers. Thank guys and girls.

Meet MARVEL MASTERS- The Founder

As mentioned in the previous entry I am very proud to introduce Mr. Ikraam Ali aka Marvel Masters. Marvel Masters gives off quite a feeling of authority and importance and this is very much true as Action Figure collects of Trinidad & Tobago owe it to this guy for starting the first and only figure collecting community online.

Marvel Masters as brought together collectors both young and old, boy and girls, men and women and created a family of collectors who were once hidden in the shadows of an alienated cultural phenomenon. We all have been able to help each other by buying, selling, trade and exchanging tips, ideas and info all because of Mr. Masters enthusiasm to grow what he loves.

So lets get into it shall we.

The Master of his Universe
                       The Master of his Universe


Mr. Ali is currently in his 30s and married with children. He grew up like any other child fond of heroes. Both comics, cartoons and toys became a part of his life at a young age and grew with him over time. He is very much proud to mention that his son of 6 years has already taken up the hobby. ” Go young generation”

Interview with Marvel Masters.

1) How did Action Figure Collecting start for you?

It all started in my early childhood. Getting my first action figures from my parents, He-man and Skeletor. I treasured them so much, played with them all the time. Carried them wherever I went. I still have them to this day.

Awesome name, where did it come from? I love and grew up on old school comics of the 80’s. Hence the name marvel. Then ultimate favorite of all time is the Masters of the Universe. Hence the name masters.

2) What motivates you to continue collecting Action Figures?

My love for the craft continued to grow over the years. Seeing your favorite comic book and cartoon characters come to life in a well presented package. Seeing that is just a work of art. Also as technology improved over time, giving us better products of our favorites.

3) What features do you look for when you collect?

I personally collect for the the sculpt and paint work of the figure. I don’t really open my stuff. Most of them I love to keep sealed. Appreciating the package and all. The ones I would like to open and pose off.. well I would definitely get two.

4) How is action figure collecting perceived in Trinidad and Tobago’s society being not part of culture as in foreign?

This hobby does exist here in Trinidad but it not as it is in the United States or the UK etc. The folks that do collect locally do so privately. Mainly because the Trinidadians look at them as simply toys. The culture is very different but I have noticed over the years the appreciation for the craft has been growing. Slowly but growing still.

5) What are some negative comments/ labels you get being associated with action figure collecting?

I have gotten comments such as ”Toys?” ”You still play with toys?” haha.

6) What are some of the challenges collecting action figures in Trinidad and Tobago?

Mainly Trinidad does not have any store that supply the collector’s wants. Here simply has toy stores. Collectors will have to actually order them online themselves or get someone to do that for them.

7) Why did you start the Collectors Group?

This is my favorite question. I started this group with the main intention of finding all the collectors from Trinidad and Tobago of this wonderful hobby. So that our community will grow and the appreciation will grow. Also to get people to acknowledge and to put us Trinis on the map. You can feel free and proud to show off your collection to other members. Help each other out, buy, trade, sell, socialize. I am very happy to see the group reach where it is today. Such a wonderful bunch of people.

8) Your hopes and dreams for Action Figure Collecting in Trinidad and Tobago?

That it continues to grow. That it expands to alot more activities such as local promotions. where people can come see displays, buy, etc. One of the happiest and safest hobbies out there. Encourage the young people to get involved instead of falling into the wrong company, doing the wrong things etc. Put your interests here if that’s your thing, you never know.

9) What advice would you give collectors/ persons interested in starting the hobby in Trinidad and Tobago?

Collect what you like guys. Plain and simple. Don’t collect just to impress or to show off or just to complete a set etc. When you collect it should not only be for a rare, expensive item or for competition. Collect simply because you love that piece. When you look at your stuff years after each piece must tell a story. When you see it, you must remember how you got it, the excitement you had, the great deal you got or the time you took to save for it and then the joy of finally getting it. You look back and feel happy, that is golden. When you appreciate it others will.

10) In what ways do see the hobby growing in Trinidad and Tobago?

I see this group being a part of that. Bringing and finding all collectors across the country, forming that local society where you can get your stuff as well.

Feature a 1053268_10151795931167845_1054781149_o1064502_10151795931192845_1542776471_o

In closing I would like to thank Marvel Masters for sharing this information and anyone interested in acquiring those figures they always wanted even back as a child and contact Marvel Masters via the information below.


This is only one of a series of locals to be featured. Awesome people are inline to share their stories including a beautiful young lady who has brought her passion for photography and toys together as well as a collaboration with another photographer to really bring comic stories to life through Action Figure Collecting in Trinidad and Tobago. See you soon.

Celebrities that Collect Action Figures. WOW

Collecting anything is a shared passion and brings diversities together. Some people may appear untouchable but behind the mask for society are normal people that enjoy the same things we all like. This post will highlight some celebrities that are passionate about action figures and either collector or contribute heavily to the interest that I am aware of. The idea of is to show that action figures and collecting aren’t just for kids and something to hide from peers but a hobby that even the people you look up to and follow also engage in.

Who knew that:

Those famous ladies that are passionate doll collectors


Leonardo Dicaprio collects Star Wars and He-Man Figures


Mike Tyson had classic X-Men Figures.

Todd Mcfarlane and his Toy Company  (the Spawn Guy)

Taboo from the Black Eye Peas is a Passionate Collector of WWE Figures


Japanorama- Bape  with Star Wars among others

Jermanie Dupri- Toys and more toys

Jordan Hembrough- Toy Dealer for years and built awareness through his popular series -Toy Hunter

WWE Superstar Zack Ryder’s Collection

01_zack_ryder-295 (1)

The list goes on and with the huge Marvel Movies lineup between now and years to come a huge burst of celebrity endorsement will in no doubt continue to poularies and expand the market for action figures across the globe. Feel free to comment with any celebrity collectors that you know. Stay tuned  for the next post where I will be highlighting the founder of the Action Figure Collectors group of Trinidad & Tobago were he will discuss collecting in Trinidad & Tobago.


I leave you with a feature on Jordan Hembrough discussing celebrities and collecting on the whole.

Misconceptions Explored- Action Figure Collecting is NOT ……….

In exploring this hobby of collecting action figures, like with most pass times there are the negative labels and misconceptions placed by those who know little about anything nor take the time to understand and appreciate why people do things. This post will cover a series of misconceptions and negative labeling about collecting action figures based on my experience as a collector, my interaction with collectors across the global and how it is perceived by media over time.

121008_bachpad big-bang-theory-3d-printing

Action Figure Collecting is an Addiction:

Yes it is. It is very much an addiction if you allow it. A credit card and collecting can be financial chaos and it is this fear that kept me from acquiring a credit card for years. Even today I use an alternative to a credit card that limits my spending significantly so I don’t go overboard. With great power comes great responsibility. Like a drug the more you want but mind over matter. Think, plan and make a calculated purchase decision.

Action Figure Collecting is Expensive:

No it is not. Financial discipline is the key and being able to plan a budget and manage expenses according to your specific income. In a video shared on the first post the collector talks about budgeting and buying loose instead of sealed, w/o accessories and weapons and from flea markets and sales than just straight off the shelf. It is only expensive when the hobby begins to financially affect your responsibilities and duties as a person.

Collecting Actions Figures means you have no life nor anything better to do with your money.

Lets be real and say that this is one of the first labels that pops into any non collectors mind. So no, collectors live a normal life and again most of us plan a budget and work with it. I will admit that collectors in the states go overboard and I guess the labeling stems from the 40 year old virgin that is portrayed with a figure just to mention one scenario.

Action Figure Collecting is associated with being Gay:

In a recent facebook post just one month ago a fellow collector himself stated that ” that guy seriously needs a girlfriend,” commenting on an image of a man cave filled with comics, posters, games and action figures. The idea behind this misconception is that girls consider a guy that has “childrens toys” to be not a man but a child and therefore is unappealing. This further evolves into the idea that a person collecting action figures” typically guys” are unsuccessful with girls and find themselves entertained and fulfilled through the action figure. Lastly this concepts finally degrades into the guy must be (gay) since he can’t get a girl, collects action figures and only guys collect action figures.

Both local and foreign collectors live normal lives, happily married with kids and collect. Supporting girlfriends and wives may not collect as well but appreciate the person there with for who they are and don’t make the pass time a problem.

Action Figure collecting is for Nerds and Geeks.

According to the Merriam Webster  Online definition, a nerd is ”  an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person; especially :  one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits.” A geek is ” a person who is socially awkward and unpopular : a usually intelligent person who does not fit in with other people. A person who is very interested in and knows a lot about a particular field or activity.”

The misconception here is that media portrays these types of people associating themselves at some point with an action figure. Eg. 40 year old virgin, The Big Bang Theory, Dexter’s Laboratory to name a few. It is true on a worldwide scale that persons considering themselves to be nerds and geeks do collect action figures. However it is not the hobby that makes you a Nerd or Geek based on the definitions.

The hobby is simple a vessel for self satisfaction. Just as party loves, drinkers or any obsession/vice, the purpose for engaging in the activity is that it brings the individual some degree of satisfaction and happiness.

Locally, the terms “Nerd” and “Geek” maybe replaced by other words but the same concepts apply. I hope that locals on the whole would shed some light on this subject .

People tend to fear what do not understand and create first impressions without knowing the full story. This is why in the next post I will bring to light what maybe hidden in the darkness which are famous/ iconic persons (celebrities) that do collect action figures.

Stay tuned and share your thoughts on the subject.

Action Figure Collecting in Trinidad Today. Are people even into this?

Yes! There are action figures collectors in Trinidad. Very little tho but there are. This type of collecting as mentioned before is very very niche and not part of culture as in foreign countries. It is because of this that collecting has remained in the darkness as a subculture with no real avenue to grow.

Comics, anime and gaming would be considered the typical hobby/ pastime for the average teen and young adult with the exception of partying. Alot of toy stores here cater for children and stock based on what currently is popular/ showing on Television.

On another note the( FEW) figures that are being sold are either the unpopular characters or 2-3 times as expensive when compared to prices on Ebay and Amazon ( US exchange rate to TT is average $6.5US – $1TT). So who has the money to spend to even buy toys to begin with when basic living expenses keep rising?

This is just an online quote for what could be the actual charge to get this $US20 figure to Trinidad. See the various extra charges.
This is just an online quote for what could be the actual charge to get this $US20 figure to Trinidad. See the various extra charges.

We buy online of course. Plan a budget, look for the best prices, try different courier services and buy the figures we want online. The worries comes when items arrive and duties, vat, tax etc has to be applied. It is here where everyone buying online runs into problems if they don’t know what they’re doing.

Toys specifically and duty and vat charges together with lb charge and freight/fuel charge. So are you really saving anything at all from buying online? The answer is yes. I have only started back collecting small a little over one year and have learnt enough to be comfortable buying the figures I want at the prices I can afford.

There are some negative labels that needs to be addressed regarding figure collecting that I will look at in my next post.One of them is the idea that it is an expensive hobby which is not so . ( Don’t be afraid)

So stay tuned.