‘Twas a blast at COMICFEST 2015 (April 4th)

11102945_10153286035072845_668891327221569394_oComicfest in my opinion was a blast and a huge success. With a huge crowd turnout despite the rainy weather it shows how much passion and interest the folks of T&T have towards that which they love. Gamers, cosplayers, anime lovers, action figure collectors and comic enthusiasts turned out strong, had a great day, got the goodies they came for and ended the day with great fulfillment.

So until the next event, Figurinett thanks all of those who held the ttshield in support and look for your photo in the gallery below.

On June 20th 2015 look forward to “ANIMARKET” which promises to be just as awesome. For details see the facebook page



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